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EyeTunes--Lesson 4--Covenant with the Creator Has Its Advantages--Psalm 4

Discussion Questions:

1. Do you ever feel like God is distant and does not care about you, your situation, or your


2. How do stones of remembrance help with times that seem overwhelming or when it feels

like God is not listening to us? What would you classify as a “stone of remembrance” in

your life?

3. What comfort do you find knowing that God set you apart the same way He set the

Israelites apart when the Egyptians faced the plagues of God? How does knowing this

while Israel continued to be slaves help you work through the difficult trials and

challenges life produces?

4. What difference does it make that joy is a focus and/or attitude rather than an emotion?

What Paul and Silas moments have you experienced in the past month?

5. What struggle do you have with building your life upon the things that last versus the

things that are temporary? How does this add to the feeling of being unstable and blown

about by every wind that comes along?

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