EyeTunes--Lesson 5--Living as One who is Righteous in an Unrighteous World--Psalm 5

Discussion Questions:

1. How orderly and all-inclusive are you at involving God in your everyday experiences and


2. What “alabaster jar” do you have to offer the LORD? How difficult is it for you to give it

completely away?

3. Why does God have such a hatred for sin? Why does that spill over into hating the sinner

according to Psalm 5:4-6?

4. How does understanding God as a right Twix and a left Twix help you appreciate His

completeness as a holy & just (right Twix)/loving & merciful (left Twix) Father?

5. How did Jesus reveal the full character of God to the woman who anointed Jesus and

washed His feet in Luke 7:36-50? What kind of refuge, shelter, blessings and shield did

she experience because of the character of God?

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