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Foreshadow--Lesson 1--The Call on Our Lives

Discussion Questions:

1. In what ways would you describe your relationship with God as His “treasured possession”?

How does this influence the way you live out your days?

2. How is giving part of worship? Describe how your voluntary giving is a response to what

God has first done for you.

3. What message does it send that God can take things of this world and things from Egypt

and use them for the construction of the Tabernacle? How does He do the same thing

with our lives?

4. What difference does it make that God gave Moses plans for a tent instead of a palace?

How did He do the same thing with the plan for Jesus?

5. How does the name of God (which is spoken over us in the Priestly blessing in Numbers

6:24-27) provide a destiny for our lives?

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