Foreshadow--Lesson 3--The Future Displayed

Discussion Questions:

1. How does the Tabernacle and the story it tells provide you with direction and security?

What does it tell you about God that He would provide such a detailed and beautiful

witness to His plans for our future with Him?

2. Using the elements of the Tabernacle to answer, how does the Tabernacle demonstrate

what we need to do to have a right relationship with God?

3. How is the Tabernacle relevant for eternity? What does it mean to you that God uses a

Tabernacle in both the Old Testament and New Testament to show His desire to dwell

with us?

4. Of all the images of Jesus in the Tabernacle, what is your favorite, and why?

5. Seeing what the Tabernacle is about, how does the presence of God show in your life as

you become the place of His dwelling here in earth?

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