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Foreshadow--Lesson 5--The Irony of the Ark

Discussion Questions:

1. How do you balance the judgment side of God with His grace and mercy? Why are both

sides important?

2. How is God’s presence dangerous?

3. What are the three levels of protection God provided in the Tabernacle so His presence

could be among His people? What do you learn about God from His awareness of what

we need?

4. Why was Jesus so blunt when Peter brought up God’s mercy and propitiation? How does

seeing Jesus’ intention to carry out God’s plan to provide the covering we need aid you in

worship and gratitude?

5. How is Jesus still the covering and blood sacrifice that we need to avoid God’s wrath

against sin and an unfulfilled Law? How does this help you let go of worry concerning why

He has been gone for so long?

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