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Foreshadow--Lesson 9--Security Because of "God With Us"

Discussion Questions:

1. What are some ways that your walk with God resembles what Bill Irwin did on his trek over

the Appalachian Trail? What helps you to get up again and again when you fall over

obstacles you didn’t see coming?

2. Are there times you have fallen into going through religious activities without meeting with

God? What is the danger in this? What helps you get out of this?

3. How does the sacrificial system required each day at the Tabernacle show you the value of

what Jesus has done for us? How is Jesus better than the elements of the Tabernacle?

4. How will “God With Us” make a difference in the things you face this week?

5. Describe the security the Israelites had because of the presence of the Tabernacle in their

camp. How is our security even greater?

6. What have you learned from this sermon series about the Tabernacle that surprised you?

How has God shown that He provides everything pertaining to life and godliness through

the elements of the Tabernacle?

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