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Happily Ever After--Lesson 2--Your Mistakes Do Not Define You--John 8

Discussion Questions:

1. How have you seen issues of sin result in the dehumanization of the one caught up in it? How does being brought before Jesus give the woman a name and face again?

2. In what ways is the woman caught in adultery and dragged before Jesus better than the man involved who got away? What does this teach you about having your sin exposed before Jesus?

3. How does the way Jesus handles the situation with the adulterous woman reveal His emphasis on restoration over judgment?

4. How do God’s dealings with mankind consistently show rescue comes before a standard of holiness? Does this mean that holiness is not important or watered down?

5. How does Jesus’ model of defeating those with their own agenda without resorting to their methods provide inspiration for how we can deal with people’s shady and negative methods in kinder and more productive ways?

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