Happily Ever After--Lesson 4--Have You Been Forgiven Much?--Luke 7:36-50

Discussion Questions:

1. Two people make an effort to be around Jesus in Luke 7:36-37. One is investigating Him while the other is falling before Him in worship, humility, devotion, gratitude and service. Which of these two better describe the way you feel around Jesus? Why?

2. When you look at people, do you see more of their past or what God can make of them in the future?

3. Do you believe that God also wants to forgive YOUR debt? Have you been forgiven little or much?

4. How have you seen God’s forgiveness produce transformation in people?

5. Does your idea of righteousness move you away from people (separate from sin) or does it move you toward people (offering forgiveness and peace)? Why?

6. What are some ways we can provide community for those who must avoid their past, or who do not have encouragement?

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