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Happily Ever After--Lesson #5--A Deviled Ham Kind of Day--Luke 8:22-39

Discussion Questions:

1. What home is Jesus trying to restore for you? What do you learn from the demon- possessed man and his encounter with Jesus that will help you get things back in order in your own life?

2. How have you seen people try to control a dysfunctional situation, or push it aside so they could live with it? How successful is this strategy?

3. How does the herd of swine provide a visual of the amount of destruction the demon- possessed man was set up to experience? How does this then provide a powerful picture of the cost Jesus was willing to pay to set you free?

4. Why do you think the people of the Gerasenes sent Jesus away after seeing what Jesus was capable of doing to restore life and community? What were they really afraid of?

5. Why did Jesus send the man He healed home instead of letting him come with Him?

6. How is your life a showcase of the power God has over evil?

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