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Happily Ever After--Lesson #6--Bent Out of Shape--Luke 13:10-21

Discussion Questions:

1. What kinds of things tend to bend you out of shape? How do you overcome these feelings? What makes it easier to overcome these feelings some days better than others?

2. Why does God’s victory over the binding of Satan sometimes take 18 years or more for a person to experience it? How is an “under the sun” perspective detrimental to God’s timing?

3. This woman was immediately ready to glorify God when she was released from what stunted her growth and deformed her image. What kinds of things are you doing to be ready for a similar response when you are set free from the things Satan is using to stunt your growth and deform your image?

4. What do you have more trouble with: loving vertically or loving horizontally? What is the danger of growing in one without the other?

5. How have you seen the small and seemingly insignificant things of God grow and expand like a mustard seed or leaven? How does this help you to see that your life has purpose and can make a massive difference as time goes on?

6. How has this sermon series helped you see that God has a “Happily Ever After” ending planned for your life as well?

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