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Healthy Politics--Lesson 2--The Difference a Healthy Leader Makes--Nehemiah 2-3

Discussion Questions:

1. How does the battle with discouragement that David and Nehemiah both have to deal with reflect our times today? Is it comforting or frustrating that these battles happen over and over again in different generations and cultures?

2. What do you learn from Nehemiah about dealing with people who have a different agenda? What kind of principles do we see that would help us with our own political environment?

3. Why do you suppose Nehemiah doesn’t let anyone know what he came to Jerusalem to do for several days after he arrives? What is the wisdom in this?

4. Did anything surprise you in the organization and unity of the workers listed in chapter 3? What would help our nation, our church, our community come together like Israel did?

5. How much does celebration of achievement help with overcoming discouragement? How well does the Garden Ridge leadership help our church family celebrate achievement? Do you have any ideas for how this could, or should, be done?

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