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Healthy Politics--Lesson 6--The Undistracted Leader: Finishing Well--Nehemiah 6

Discussion Questions:

1. How have you seen distractions and opposition threaten the political well being of our nation? Is it possible that you have contributed to the opposition and distraction?

2. In light of what happens to Nehemiah in Nehemiah 6:2, how can compromise serve in both good and bad ways? What makes the difference?

3. How has the use of unconfirmed sources been a tool of the devil? Is there any difference in passing on unconfirmed reports and gossip?

4. How have you seen fear used in efforts to turn public opinion away from following a leader? How many political ads are written to play on people’s fears? How can you maintain peace and security with so many efforts to stir up fear and doubt?

5. What is the danger in making news rather than reporting truth? How does Satan use people’s everyday interactions to further this problem?

6. How have you seen tribal or party loyalty be a problem in our political system? What kinds of reminders would help you look beyond this world to place your loyalties?

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