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Healthy Politics--Lesson 7--Bringing About Revival--Nehemiah 8-9

Discussion Questions:

1. What is the standard that guides us as a nation? How can followers of God help our nation

move back to a deeper trust in the Scriptures and the nature of God for our standard?

2. What do we learn from bible history about the importance of entrusting ourselves to the

ways of God? How faithful and merciful has God been? What does rebellion against God


3. How is reaping what we sow evident through the prayer of the Israelites in Nehemiah 9?

4. Why would the Israelites begin their prayer of confession with praise for the creator God?

How does this provide context for what they are confessing and seeking from God?

5. How does reviewing your personal history with God help you walk better with Him? How

does reviewing His history with all of mankind assist in seeing events of today’s time in a

healthier way?

6. Are there any areas you need to reclaim for your spiritual development, like the Israelites

reclaimed the Feast of Tabernacles?

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