Healthy Politics--Lesson 8--A Covenant of Commitment--Nehemiah 10-11

Discussion Questions:

1. What kinds of struggles have you had with becoming lukewarm in your walk with God?

What helps you overcome?

2. Is it a wise practice to call a curse and an oath upon yourself? Why do you suppose the

people of Nehemiah’s time do this?

3. What kinds of things have you struggled with separating from that distract you from a

more faithful walk with God?

4. What do your calendar and use of money say about what is most important in your life?

How did obeying the Sabbath and releasing debt help the Israelites keep their right


5. In what ways do you invest in worship of the LORD? Are there some things you should

consider doing differently so worship of God is a core part of your life?

6. Do you see yourself as one who would volunteer to move into the “holy city”? What fears

or inconveniences have tried to stop you from dedicating yourself in this way?

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