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Here's Your Sign--Lesson 1--Dirty Water Transformed into Kingdom Wine--John 2:1-11

Discussion Questions:

  1. Tell of a time when it felt like the wine ran out in your life. What do you learn from this newlywed couple inviting Jesus to their wedding? How intentional are you about inviting Jesus into your daily routines?

  2. How are miracles and problems connected? How does the description of Jesus in John 1:51 provide a good introduction for the sign Jesus performed at the wedding in Cana?

  3. How does this sign change the relationship between Jesus and His mother? Why is this emphasized?

  4. Is the transformation in your life where you think God wants it to be? How does Mary's statement of "Do whatever He says" play into your level of where your transformation is?

  5. In what ways would you say your life helps people drink the wine of the Kingdom instead of drinking dirty water? How does transformation and "life of the party" describe your daily life?

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