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Here's Your Sign--Lesson 3--Do You Want to Get Well?--John 5:1-17

Discussion Questions:

1. Why is change exciting to consider, but difficult to accept? Since transformation (change)

is such an important part of our relationship with God, how does our attitude toward

change affect our walk with Him?

2. What reasons would a person have to not want to be made well? Are there any areas in

your own life where this would be a fair question for Jesus to ask you?

3. In what ways does the man Jesus healed in John 5 and the Jewish leaders have a similar


4. Why does Jesus choose the man He does to heal when there are many others in need?

Why does He not heal them all? What should we take from this for our own walk with


5. The Jewish leaders can’t see who Jesus is because of their understanding of the

Sabbath. Have you seen any areas like this in your own life or our church family that

hinders what God is trying to show us?

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