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Here's Your Sign--Lesson 4--Bread and Fish for Everyone!--John 6:1-15

Discussion Questions:

1. What kinds of demands do you picture the public placing upon Jesus as they recognize

His abilities to teach and heal and perform signs? What enabled Jesus to stay focused

and refreshed instead of burning out and growing tired, cynical or discouraged?

2. What desires drive your life? What do your desires reveal about you?

3. What struggles do you have with selfishness and/or entitlement? How would the world be

different if people were more focused on thankfulness?

4. Why does John emphasize Jesus being a better Moses? How are the tests Moses and the

Israelites have to deal with similar to the test Jesus gives his apostles in John 6?

5. How often do you get quiet with the LORD so He can see your deepest desires? What

kind of commitment will you make this upcoming week to let Him reveal what your

desires are saying about you?

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