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Here's Your Sign--Lesson 5--Overcoming More than the Elements--John 6:15-21

Discussion Questions:

1. What makes it difficult to practice Jesus being the King and I am His servant? What are

some ways to keep these in proper order?

2. What kind of a King would send His followers into the dark and storms and then allow

them to struggle for a long while?

3. Share a time in your life when God demonstrated to you that He is a God who sees

(Yahweh Roi). How does this give you confidence in the midst of the current storms you


4. Why is it important that Jesus didn’t calm the storm before walking on the sea? How does

this fact illustrate the kind of King Jesus is? How does this tie to the picture of the sea in

the book of Revelation?

5. What is the significance of God not removing the darkness, but giving boundaries to it?

How have you seen God use darkness in your own life?

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