Here's Your Sign--Lesson 7--Living It Up at a Funeral--John 11

Discussion Questions:

1. Have you had any situations where it felt like Jesus knew you needed Him but He was

deliberately staying away?

2. How does resurrection offer us more than just coming back from the dead? What

difference does it make that resurrection is a person instead of a concept?

3. Do you agree that God’s punctuation is more of an ellipsis instead of a period? How does

resurrection tie into this?

4. If Jesus knows He is about to raise Lazarus from the dead, why are His emotions stirred

leading to Him weeping? How does this portray the kind of High Priest Jesus is?

5. How does believing in Jesus as the resurrection and the life affect the way you handle

things that come up in your day-to-day living? If it does not affect things in a positive way,

can you really say you believe?

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