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Here's Your Sign--Lesson 8--But Wait! There's More!--John 21

Discussion Questions:

1. Tell of a time when you were unfruitful or unsuccessful and later saw how the LORD used

that to develop your character and faith.

2. In what ways has your life felt like a fallen Jenga tower? How have you seen the LORD

rebuild and restore people’s lives from this kind of fallen mess?

3. How does going back to your call from Jesus help you find your bearings when life is


4. How have you seen listening to the LORD and obeying His instructions make six feet of

difference in your life? What kind of full nets stories would you attribute to Jesus’

presence in your life?

5. Why is confessing and revisiting our failures such an important part of healing and moving

forward? How does Jesus’ series of reminders to Peter help him to become such a

powerful witness and ambassador for the Kingdom of God from the Day of Pentecost


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