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How Do I Respond?--Hosea 1-2

Discussion Questions:

1. How have you seen controversial issues lead to division? Why do you suppose people

who follow the LORD still have struggles with this?

2. How do people who see things from completely different perspectives work together in

unity? What enabled Jews and Samaritans or Jews and Gentiles to find peace and accept

the differences in one another?

3. What do you learn from the fact that God reached a point of issuing a divorce to Israel even

though He hates divorce? Why would He do this while still continuing to call Israel back to

a faithful relationship with Him?

4. How has the quest for the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil continued to

bring consequences in our world? In determining what is right or wrong (good or evil), how

have you seen people take on a role that is only God’s? How does backing away from this

set you free?

5. Why is it important that the love of the LORD which endures forever echoes throughout

history? How does this assist you in determining how to act in the midst of controversial


6. Are there any fruit and vegetable stands that you have accidentally knocked over? How

can you act in such a way that leads people to see Jesus in you?

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