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I've Got a Peaceful, Easy Feeling--Lesson 7--The Peace of God--Philippians 4:1-9

Discussion Questions:

1.  How unshakeable would you say your faith is?  What makes it so, or hinders it from being so? What kinds of desk chairs have you stood upon, reaching for more in this life?

2.  What reasons do you have to rejoice in the LORD?  How does rejoicing in the LORD lead us to the peace of God?

3.  How much division is caused by not being gentle?  Since being gentle is counterintuitive when facing anxious situations, what reminds you to be gentle?  How did knowing where He came from and where He was going play into Jesus’ actions?  Where have you come from and where are you going?

4.  When you are feeling anxiety, how often do you turn to worship of God and prayer, including supplication and thanksgiving?  Share the benefits you receive from these.

5.  Why do we have a difficult time being satisfied with who we are and what our station is in life? How did Paul’s example in a Philippi jail show that he practiced what he preached?  What influence do you think this action had on how the Philippians heard his teachings?

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