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Invest--Lesson 1--Invested in the Church--(Shepherd Selection)

Discussion Questions:

1. Describe what investing your life into the ways of the LORD looks like in your everyday

living? Why is it important for each church member to be invested in the selection process

of more shepherds?

2. How does the fear of scarcity (not having enough) influence the way you give or hold onto

your time and resources for the LORD?

3. How important do you believe it is to add more shepherds? How does a fixed amount of

time with many needs influence this decision?

4. What problems have you seen with people, or the whole church, falling into being

lukewarm? Why is this such an effective tool for Satan?

5. What commitment are you willing to make to be invested in nominating and following up

on those who are placed before the church family as potential candidates for the work of a


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