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Invest--Lesson 2--Invested in the Flock

Discussion Questions:

1. What is it about shepherding sheep that trains and empowers people to be good leaders

for the LORD’s people?

2. How difficult does being a shepherd for the LORD’s church sound to you? Why would

someone choose to take on the responsibilities that come with this role?

3. What is the significance in using titles such as “elders” and “shepherds” for the leaders of

the church? What does each title say about the role? Why does Garden Ridge emphasize

the role of shepherd rather than elder?

4. Why is it important for the shepherd to remember that they are also a sheep? How does

remembering the importance of this help you with the nominating process?

5. What does it look like for a shepherd to be invested in the sheep? What kinds of practical

things can a shepherd do to lead people down a path of righteousness, through the valley

of the shadow of death, along with security at a table in the presence of the enemy, and

on to the house of the LORD?

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