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Invest--Lesson 3--Invested in the Kingdoom

Discussion Questions:

1. What kind of filters do you have that take your focus off the Kingdom of God and place your

focus upon yourself?

2. Why is it significant that when Moses defeated the Amalekites he built an altar to the

LORD, calling it “The LORD is my Banner”, but when Saul defeated the Amalekites he built

a monument to himself?

3. What danger have you seen of taking ministry given to us by the LORD and turning it into a

monument to us rather than God? Why is it easy to fall into this? What does this tell you

about the importance of considering pride when nominating someone as a shepherd?

4. What does it mean that God “regretted” making Saul king? How can we avoid bringing

“regret” from God in our shepherd selection process, and moving forward in the future of

this church?

5. How do the Standards of the Garden Ridge church help you in the nominating process for

shepherds? How do the Standards keep us focused upon Kingdom work? (You can find

the Standards on the website: Go to “About” and click on “Vision” and

scroll down)

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