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Love God;Love People; Follow Jesus--Lesson 2--Seeing Persons as Jesus Does

Discussion Questions:

1. How often do you find yourself having eyes that look rather than eyes that see? What

difference does this make for your daily living?

2. How many persons do you think gather for worship with conditions or situations hindering

their ability to grow in the LORD? What can you do to notice the hindrances persons face?

3. What kind of situations move you to treat persons as “its” rather than persons? What

would help you see persons more clearly?

4. How does it help you when others see potential in you, rather than gauging things

according to your past? How can you do this for others?

5. What does it mean to you that love is emphasized twice, and things are done for the glory

of God when Jesus waits for Lazarus to die? How does this apply to the unpleasant

situations in your life and what God might be doing with it?

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