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Love God; Love People; Follow Jesus--Lesson 3--Looking Forward to Follow Jesus

Discussion Questions:

1. What kinds of things tempt you to go “but first” in your walk of faith with the LORD? What

kinds of seasons or situations are you/have you waited through before becoming more

committed to Him and His ways?

2. Why is it tempting to look backward? What makes this a hindrance to faith? How did

looking backward influence the Israelite’s experience in the wilderness?

3. Why do you think James & John wanted to call down fire upon the Samaritans? What kinds

of things make you feel like calling God’s judgment down upon people? What are some

ways to overcome these feelings?

4. Why did Elisha burn his farming equipment and slaughter his oxen? What kinds of things

from your past need to be destroyed so you can move forward?

5. How is Jesus’ commitment to us even more important than our commitment to Him? How

did His commitment to us provide life and a second chance?

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