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Love God; Love People; Follow Jesus--Lesson 5--Why God Became Man

Discussion Questions:

1. What does Christmas mean to you? How often do you reflect upon the gift provided for us?

2. Why is it important that Jesus was both God and man? How does He balance these two

natures? How do you see these two natures working in you?

3. In what ways are we still looking for a Messiah who focuses upon the physical and

temporary things of this world? Why do we fall into thinking this way, even when we know

the amazing gift we have received in Jesus?

4. How have you seen sin fracture and divide? How have you experienced healing, especially

through victory over sin and reconciliation in what has been divided?

5. Why is it important that Jesus came as a baby? Why is it even more important that He did

not stay that way and is now at the right hand of the Father?

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