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Portraits of God--Lesson 1--Listening to the Cries of a Desperate, Barren Woman--I Samuel 1:1-2:10

Discussion Questions:

1. Which has more influence over the direction of your life: the winds of this world or the deep currents of God? What has helped you to develop depth in your character that allows God’s deeper currents to influence your life?

2. How have you seen God use emptiness and weakness to display His power, wisdom and sovereignty? Why is it so difficult for us to admit emptiness and weakness, considering these are qualities God often chooses to work through?

3. What do you learn from Hannah’s prayer in I Samuel 1:10-11? Which of these 4 elements in Hannah’s prayer (who she prays to; her attitude of a servant; praying according to God’s nature; praying with a heart to give it all back) do you find easiest to follow in your own prayer life? Which is most difficult?

4. What does the portrait of God revealed in I Samuel 1:1-2:10 show you about God’s plan for His people and His desire to be involved in our lives?

5. Can you think of an example where one person made a huge difference and changed the course of things? What struggles have you had with going in a direction different from the culture in which we live?

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