Portraits of God--Lesson 3--Seeking Those Who Will Listen--I Samuel 3

Discussion Questions:

1. How have you seen God produce flowers in the strangest places in your life or in the world around you?

2. How amazed are you that the God of the universe would choose to speak His words to us? What happens when we lose our sense of amazement or awe?

3. How did proximity to the presence of God play a role in the outcome of this story? What kind of battle do you have with desiring your own place versus drawing near to the ark of God?

4. Samuel demonstrates that light can grow even when all around us is darkness. What does this show you about the influence your life can have on this world?

5. How much of bible illiteracy today is due to lack of appetite versus lack of food? What kinds of things hinder your appetite for the word of God?

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