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Portraits of God--Lesson 7--A God Who Helps Us--I Samuel 7

Discussion Questions:

1. How has the piling up of problems over the past 2 months affected your spiritual walk?

2. The messages of Moses, Joshua, Samuel, Jesus and Paul to be set apart for God God above all else are very similar (Deut. 6:4-5; Joshua 24:14-15; I Samuel 7:3; Matt. 10:37-38; I Thess. 1:9-10). Why does every generation struggle with this? How does this struggle lead to the problems piling up even more?

3. How central is prayer in your dealing with life’s messes and battles? How has a person committed to prayer made a difference in your life?

4. What does it tell you that there is more power in the prayer and intercession of Samuel and Moses than in the activity of the armies of Israel during these battles?

5. What kind of list could you make of times from your past where God has been an obvious source of help? Do you have any “Ebenezers” to commemorate these?

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