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Promises, Promises--Lesson 5--We Are Not Alone--Part One

Discussion Questions:

1. How does being a priest help Jesus to bring our enemies under subjection to Him?

2. In what ways has Satan made you feel alone and like no one understands what you are

dealing with? How does knowing about Jesus as your intercessor bring comfort to you?

3. What is the significance of Jesus being called “Emmanuel” (God with us)? How does this

name illustrate the role Jesus plays as our High Priest and mediator?

4. How does Jesus’ prayers and presence make a difference to the apostles on the Sea of

Galilee during the storm they encounter? How does it help Peter when Satan demands

to sift him like wheat? How does it help you in the midst of your trials, temptations,

storms and difficulties?

5. What difference does it make that our High Priest has entered the real Holy of Holies

with blood that is better than that of bulls and goats so that He can make atonement and

intercede for us?

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