Respond!--Lesson 1--Responding With Courage & Trust--Genesis 12

Discussion Questions:

1. What kind of dreams do you have for your life and/or for the church? Is it arrogant to dream

in this way? What role should God play in our dreaming?

2. Why would God take Abram away from his family and other resources of stability to

accomplish his dreams? Is there a lesson for us to learn from this?

3. How many of your dreams are waiting for you to make the first step? Which do we fear

more: failure, or looking foolish and being misunderstood? Why? How have you seen God

work through failure, looking foolish and being misunderstood?

4. Like the fate of the Kodak company, is there any threat of spiritual bankruptcy if we miss

the moment of God’s call and fail to act in courage and trust? How do you discern what

God wants for your life?

5. How is worship a sign of courage and trust in God? How is worship a part of your daily

response to God? What does your worship look like on days other than Sunday?

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