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Respond!--Lesson 4--Response of a Victim--II Samuel 6

Discussion Questions:

1. How have you seen unintended consequences rob you of the blessings God wants you to

experience? What strategies could you employ to look ahead with wisdom?

2. Contrast David’s reaction to pain and adversity with Michal’s reaction. How does a victim

mind set move us to be reactive instead of proactive?

3. How does David’s focus upon the audience he should please differ from Michal’s focus?

What kinds of struggles do you have with worrying about what the wrong audience thinks?

4. How would you describe the prison that Michal locked herself in due to her struggle with

her past and a sense of being a victim? Have you ever experienced the same kind of


5. How does the rescue of a lost axe head help you to see that you are not really ever a

victim when you are with the LORD?

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