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Seeing Beyond the Darkness--Lesson 4--Behold Your Son; Behold Your Mother

Discussion Questions:

1. What challenges have you had dealing with the world while associating yourself with the cross of Jesus? What helps you have courage to stand boldly with Him?

2. How does it help you to deal with trials and challenges when you see that the mother of Jesus faced so many experiences of anxiety and difficulty?

3. What does it say to you that Jesus did not call upon His own brothers to provide care for His mother? How is His blood thicker than family ties?

4. What does the creation of Jesus’ new family mean to you? What responsibilities do you see are yours because of Jesus’ example from the cross?

5. How well do you see the church (Jesus’ new family) providing for the needs and offering hope to others who come before Him at the foot of the cross? What are some things that could be done differently or better?

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