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So Thankful--Lesson #1--The Key Ingredient of Lemonade is...--I Chronicles 16

Discussion Questions:

1. What sweet & sour stories do you have from 2020 that give you reason to reflect on the

sovereign plan of God and praise Him with thanksgiving?

2. What helps you to see beyond the events happening in your life to see God working in

your midst?

3. Why is God’s election of you a reason to give thanks?

4. How is God’s covenant love and protection a basis for security in your life? Explain why

being a descendant of Abraham through your faith in Jesus provides you with the same

covenant love and protection that Abraham was given by God.

5. Are there times when your worship of God and your proclamation of His good deeds

feels more like a chore than a joy in your life? What can you do to better maintain a heart

of gratitude so your worship is alive and vibrant?

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