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So Thankful--Lesson 2--Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor Heat Nor Gloom of Night...--Psalm 107

Discussion Questions:

1. How does going through problems and being thankful fit together? What role does God’s

lovingkindness (covenant love or hesed) play in these things fitting together?

2. How does being redeemed demonstrate both sides of this Psalm—that we will encounter

trouble and that we are not alone in our troubles, but have the means to overcome?

3. Why is it so important for the redeemed to say so? What are some ways to share what the

LORD has done to rescue or redeem you?

4. What experiences have you had lately with feelings of being stuck in a desert with no

provisions, or being imprisoned by poor choices, or dealing with sickness and loss of

appetite to the point that it felt like you were going to die, or from storms that threaten to

overwhelm you? How does sharing these things with others help?

5. How do the pictures of Jesus from Psalm 107 show that God is present in the various trials

and struggles we endure?

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