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Thankful for God's Involvement--Thanksgiving Sermon

Discussion Questions:

1. What kinds of things cause you to forget all that the LORD has done on your behalf? How

does Satan use sin and trials to hinder our recollection of all the LORD has done for us?

2. The writer of Psalm 111 praises at least six ways that God has been involved in our history.

As a group come up with at least five of these ways and then discuss which ones cause

you to be full of thanks and praise towards the LORD, and why they cause you to feel this


3. How does viewing what God has done in the past help you with situations in the present

and maintaining hope for the future?

4. So many of the stories referred to in Psalm 111 are examples of victory. What personal

stories do you have to share in which God has helped you to have victory over something?

5. What does it mean to fear the LORD? In what sense is fear of the LORD the beginning of

wisdom? How does remembering what God has done help you to understand how life

works along with the best ways to live?

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