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The Art of Leadership--Lesson 2--Thinking Differently

Discussion Questions:

1. How much of a priority is personal transformation in your daily living? What kinds of things

help you to continue to be transformed to the image of Christ?

2. Why is it difficult to develop new thinking about things? Why is it dangerous to just stay the

way you are? Are there any areas in your life where you find it easier to go back to Egypt

than to press on into the unknown?

3. How important is humility in the process of being sanctified? What kinds of struggles do

you have with humility?

4. From what has been taught in the past two sermons, how have the greatest leaders

demonstrated skills in being followers? How did Paul’s encounter with Jesus on the road

to Damascus humble him and teach him the importance of following? How did this lead to

him being such a powerful leader for the Kingdom?

5. Why were the people from Jesus’ hometown ready to kill Him? Why does having our boat

rocked lead to anger? What can we do to develop an ability to listen to differing

perspectives without being ruled by fear or anger?

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