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The Beauty of Baptism--Lesson 2--Starting Over Again--Genesis 6 & I Peter 3

1. In what ways have you acted like the sheep from the video in the sermon?

( What hope is there for us? Who will set

us free from the things we fall into?

2. Walking with God and obeying His commands are what set Noah apart from the culture

around him. How would you evaluate your own efforts at this? Are there any areas that

your Connect Group or family can hold you accountable?

3. How have you seen the enemy still chase after you, even though you have been set free?

4. How successful are you at living with the security of no condemnation? What kinds of things

cause you to question this? Are there things you need to remove from your life to help you

stay focused upon this truth?

5. How refreshing is it to know that in baptism you have already passed through judgment?

How does this help you to see that any suffering you face is not condemnation?

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