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The Beauty of Baptism--Lesson 3--Unless You Are Born Again...--John 3

Discussion Questions:

1. What struggles have you had with your flesh driving you to destruction? In what ways have

you resisted God taking over driving your train?

2. How have you focused upon outside actions instead of inside transformation? Why is it so

easy to do this?

3. What things could you point to showing that there is repentance and renewal in your life?

How do these two things show God’s activity in your life and/or in this world?

4. How have you seen the divine working alongside your flesh to proclaim victory and a

different future for you? What security and confidence does it give you to know that

God’s design and call to us is for life to be fulfilled with God and us working together?

5. What does it mean that there is no evolution from flesh to Spirit? Why is it important to

remember this?

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