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The Beauty of Baptism--Lesson 7--The God Who Runs to Us--Acts 8

Discussion Questions:

1. In what ways have you struggled with the question, “Who am I?” What reaction do you

have to seeing so many key figures in the bible asking the same question?

2. God’s response to the “Who am I” question is often, “I am with you.” and “I choose you.”

How have you experienced the difference God’s presence makes when you have

struggled with confidence or courage?

3. Why do you suppose God waited until the eunuch experienced rejection before sending

Philip to him to share Jesus with him? How has rejection, humiliation or discouragement

expanded your view of what God has provided through Jesus?

4. Why is it significant that Jesus touched lepers and ate with sinners? Who are the lepers

and sinners in your circle? How have you offered this kind of touch in your own life?

5. How has being chosen by God changed your life?

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