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The Running Man--Lesson 1--Running Away From God

Discussion Questions:

1. What are some things God has asked you to do that have made you really uncomfortable?

How have you seen God grow your character and faith through challenging

commandments or assignments He has given you?

2. Why would God choose a highly nationalistic and prejudiced man to be His

representative and messenger to Ninevah? What lessons about God do you learn from

His choice?

3. What kinds of things might God call you to do, knowing that it is just as much for your

character development as it is to help someone else?

4. Jonah has to pay to run away from God. How is the price much more than he thought it

would be? How did his running cost others?

5. How comforting is it to know that there is really no running away from God—that He is in

constant pursuit of you?

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