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Transformation--Lesson 1--Ready for Change?--Matthew 13

Discussion Questions:

1. Why does it take so much work to produce fruit in a garden? What kind of lessons should

we learn from the work it takes, especially for our spiritual growth?

2. How much trouble do you have seeing "earth crammed with heaven"? How do we better

see "every bush afire with the presence of God"?

3. Jesus makes it clear that there are two things working against the production of fruit for the

Kingdom—the enemy, Satan, and ourselves. Which do you have more trouble with?

Which one do you take more for granted and why?

4. Can you relate to the story in Matthew 13:53-58 where the people move from being

astonished at Jesus to suspicious to taking offense and then unbelief? How has this been

a personal struggle or how have you seen this in trying to share Jesus with those who do

not know Him?

5. What kind of practices would help you to better receive the words of God immediately,

deeply, and exclusively? How would doing this assist you in transformation and


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