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Transformation--Lesson 4--A New Way to See

Discussion Questions:

1. What kinds of things would you look back on and say, “If only I could do that over again”?

2. How has lust of the flesh; lust of the eyes; or pride of life influenced what you see? How

does transformation of our eyes work, so that we can avoid falling like this?

3. Moses’ parents, and then Moses, took great risk because of what they saw and believed.

What kind of risks do you think God is asking you to take today because of the future and

the treasure He is offering you?

4. What danger have you found in loving a place or experience so much that you seek what

has happened in the past instead of looking for a new revelation? Can you give an


5. If you were naming your children today based upon your experiences with God, what

names would you use? If Joseph was really forgetting, why name a child “forget” so that

he remembers he is forgetting? What is the significance in that?

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