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Transformed--Lesson 11-The Way of Suffering

Discussion Questions:

1. Why do you think God uses pain and suffering to transform things in His image? What

value have you seen in going through suffering?

2. How often do you ask God to help you be more like Jesus? What qualities do you mean

when you pray a prayer like this?

3. How have you seen your tests become opportunities for testimony, and your messes

become messages of God’s love and faithfulness? What role can you play in seeing your

trials turned this way?

4. How does Paul’s example of enduring the suffering he faced in Lystra help you with the

hardships you face? Seeing how God used this to bring Timothy into His service, how

does this help you to look for the good God can be doing through your trials?

5. Do you see yourself in the crowd on Palm Sunday, misunderstanding what Jesus is up to,

or what kind of King He wants to be in your life? What helps you to keep things in proper


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