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Transformed--Lesson 3--A Change of Heart

Discussion Questions:

1. Have you ever been so passionate about something that it dislodges or dislocates

something in you? What kinds of spiritual things make you feel this kind of passion?

2. What is the danger of going through religious motions without having your heart in it? If

we know it is a danger, why do we still struggle with it?

3. The history of Israel hardening their heart and the desire of God to restore and transform

their heart is a strong message in the Old Testament. How does this help you protect your

heart and find victory and redemption in your own life? What does it teach you about

falling into captivity?

4. If your life was reduced to one sentence, what would you want that sentence to say? What

name, exploits, and accomplishments would you want to be remembered?

5. What kinds of things enabled Shamgar to provide salvation for Israel? How does keeping

your heart in line with God’s make it possible for your life to be compelling, inspiring, and

life changing?

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