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Transformed--Lesson 6--Ears that Hear

Discussion Questions:

1. Why would it be more important for the demons to keep things out your of your mind rather

than putting things into it?

2. How amazed are you that the God of the universe wants to speak to us? What happens

when we lose our sense of amazement or awe?

3. How did proximity to the presence of God play an important role in the story of Eli and

Samuel at the tabernacle? What kind of battle do you have with desiring to have your own

place versus camping out in the presence of God?

4. Are there some things we could be doing that would cause “the word of God to be rare

and visions infrequent”? What kinds of things hinder His speaking or our ability to listen?

5. How have you seen God produce flowers in the strangest places in this world and/or in

your own personal life? What does Samuel show you about the difference one person can

make, even in a time of darkness, when they have their ears transformed to hear God?

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