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Transformed--Lesson 8--It Takes a Village

Discussion Questions:

1. How has having community in your life brought blessings and more fullness to your daily

living? How has community provided support, a sense of value, security and more?

2. What trouble do you have connecting with people to form community? What helps or

hinders this?

3. You may not have saved Christmas, but how has the LORD used you to help others

understand their identity in the LORD, or how have you been there for someone who feels

like they are being destroyed by things around them?

4. How have you seen God use unknown people with no fanfare to accomplish things they

wouldn’t have dreamed of accomplishing? How has He used you in this way?

5. Why do you suppose Joash turned on what Jehoiada did for him and killed his son? How

does baggage from dysfunction find a way to return if we don’t stay focused and diligent?

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