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Transformed--Lesson 9--Aiming for Holiness

Discussion Questions:

1. How does a definition of God ‘s ability to work in us and through us fit with our aim to be

holy? How does this definition help you to see more ways that the devil tries to distract us

to hinder what God can do in us and through us?

2. What is the significance of the Law being replaced by a Person? What makes relationship

better than obedience to a Law code?

3. Why is it dangerous to determine our holiness based upon perceived answers by God to

the dilemmas we encounter?

4. How are you growing more aware of God and more available to Him? What kinds of things

are current distractions or hinderances to these two things?

5. It could be argued that God did two impossible things because of the convictions of

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. They survived the fiery furnace and Nebuchadnezzar

was moved to seeing beyond himself to give glory to the LORD. How does seeing this

ripple effect encourage you in living by your own convictions?

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